Delegation Fees

Single Delegate

  • Delegate Fees is INR 1500.

  • Hostel Accommodation is INR 1000. [Optional]

  • Hotel Accommodation is INR 1700. [Optional]

Double Delegate

  • Delegate Fees is INR 1500 per Delegate.

  • Hostel Accommodation is INR 1000 per Delegate. [Optional]

  • Hotel Accommodation is INR 1700 per Delegate. [Optional]

Delegation Fees

The Delegate fees is $50 for Single Delegate. Accommodation will be charged at $25 per delegate.


KIIT Intl. MUN also provides scholarship opportunities to International Delegates outside the Indian Subcontinent.
Under this Programme,
  1. For a team of more than or equal to 10 delegates attending the conference, the head delegate or team leader will be given 100% waiver in delegate and accommodation fees.
  2. In case for delegation consisting of more than 13 delegates, all members of the delegation will be given a 15% waiver on the delegation and accommodation fees, in addition to the 100% waiver for the individual designated as the Team Leader of the Delegation.


Best Delegation Award: The delegation with a minimum of 15 participants and a mandatory participation in Security Council, Special Committee on UN Charter, UN-DPA and International Press will qualify for the KIIT International MUN Champions Trophy. In case of a double delegation, the award shall be counted as one for both the participants together. The point scheme for the Best Delegation Award is as follows:
  • AWARD                                     POINTS
  • Best Delegate                       50
  • High Commendation       40
  • Special Mention                 30
  • Best Editor                             50
  • Best Journalist                    40
  • Best Photographer           40

Awards per Committee [Except International Press]:
  • Best Delegate Award and a cash prize of INR 12000.
  • High Commendation Award and a cash prize of INR 8000.
  • Special Mention Award and a cash prize of INR 5000.
International Press:
  • Best Editor Award and a cash prize of INR 7000.
  • Best Journalist Award and a cash prize of INR 8000.
  • Best Photographer Award and a cash prize of INR 7000.