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KIIT International
Model United

KIIT International Model United Nations is one of the largest simulations of the United Nations across the globe, coordinated by KIIT University.Founded since 2013, the event has attained a higher benchmark with every edition. KIIT International MUN 2016, being the largest MUN hosted across the globe with around 2500 delegates engaging themselves. Apart from renowned institutions and Indian organisations assisting, various countries from all corners of the globe are participating in various fields.
It's a fantastic opportunity to mingle with delegates from all walks of life while learning the intricacies of diplomacy and governance from a carefully selected group of Executive Board Members who are simply the best. The three-day event features lively conversations and extensive research, as well as something to look forward to at the end of each day.
With cultural shows, stand-up comedy and networking dinner- KIIT International MUN not only stresses upon peace and promotes diplomacy but also holds up to an individual’s perception towards socialization.
Despite having tremendous adversities and inevitably drastic change in the world during the pandemic, KIIT MODEL UNITED NATIONs never stopped living up to its legacy to be at the top. After successfully hosting e-MUN for two consecutive editions, Asia's largest student conference is back with power packed energy to carry forward the journey of diplomacy. As we recover and move forward to celebrate the decade of excellence, we urge you to let go of inhibitions and discover by being a part of the conference and the legacy of this grand MUN conference.

Message from

Respected faculty members, delegates, and my Secretariat,

In the words of David Viscott, “If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.” It brings me great joy and pride to invite you all to the annual KIIT International Model United Nations Conference, on behalf of all the respected faculty members and the Secretariat here at the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology. This year, after two successive editions held online, the conference will be offline and will be convened from the 9th to the 11th of September 2022.
Ever since the pandemic struck the globe more than two years ago, the world was faced with multilayered problems and unprecedented challenges that caught us all unaware. Now, as we embark on the path of recovery towards a brighter and better future, it is essential to hold our spirits high while nurturing objectives that aim at preserving world peace and unity. Fueling ourselves with this ideology and the optimistic anticipation of what lies ahead, my secretariat has committed to the glory of the KIIT International Model United Nations. Despite trying times that have caused us both physical and mental duress, it is inspirational to see your adherence to this Model United Nations conference. The doors to artful diplomacy through dialogue are inspired and endorsed by the international cooperation that all of us stand for, against war, suffering, and global distress. By supporting peace and united thinking about tackling world problems that pose a threat to humanity, we can encourage millions across the globe to put down weapons in exchange for goodwill and harmony.
The United Nations is currently involved in undertaking multi-faceted responsibilities pertaining to health, peace, security, and other relevant strategies at the recovering world economy and the overall impact due to the pandemic and other socio-political issues that affect the world and all global citizens. Through the UN, the world is united disregarding differences for the sake of greater good of humanity and benevolence. The use of diplomatic dialogue as the ultimate weapon against issues that threaten mankind is facilitated as world leaders and diplomats stand under one shed representing the very essence of international cooperation.
The Secretariat of KIIT International Model United Nations is pledged to upholding the spirit that the UN stands for and it is my very pleasure to head this conference as its Secretary General for this edition. We stand by each delegate and by anyone who shares our belief and our aim of seeking a united and coordinated world that is hopeful and optimistic. We seek your enthusiasm and energy that the recovering society needs and we are delightedly looking forward for your ideas to make a difference and for them to provide solutions while addressing the adversities of our time and era to welcome a just, sustainable, and robust future.
I assure you that KIIT International Model United Nations will keep the flag raised high, living up to expectations and its legacy. We hope that all the delegates here have a wonderful unforgettable experience that imprints on their mind and stays with them in the archives of their cherished memories while learning values and enriching skills that makes a difference in the world.
As global citizens, we must embark on a journey to help ourselves develop our personalities for becoming better and greater in the world. With this, I extend my heartfelt regards to you and the best wishes for the experience that awaits. May this edition of KIIT International MUN with your valuable participation and support be an experience worth remembering for us all.

Sagnik Ghosh,
Secretary-General, KIIT International MUN 2022

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The helm of the KIITMUN Secretariat, the base of the massive pyramid, the luminary with outstanding contribution in the operations of this entity.
Meet the Core Secretariat of KIIT International MUN 2022.

Sagnik Ghosh

Secretary General

+91 8144021921

" Shouldering the responsibility of heading the Secretariat of KIIT MUN 2022 as the Secretary General is a matter of great pride for me. Being a student involved with MUN since the very first year of my graduation, I have seen the conference and the passion among participants grow with every subsequent edition. KIIT International MUN being the result of collaborative teamwork has helped me develop organizational skills that I am sure to take away with me into the real world. I hope this offline edition following two editions chaired online will be able to make its mark, living up to the legacy of KIIT International MUN "

Manas Mishra

Deputy Secretary General

+91 6394324923

" Being the DSG of the gathering this year has been a staggering inclination if you were to ask me, I can guarantee that this will be a groundbreaking encounter for everybody out there considering the way that KIIT MUN will be quite possibly one of the most monstrous and phenomenal procedure this year as in 3 years this is the first occasion that KIIT MUN will be held offline"

Rhea Sinha

Director General

+91 8557912643

"MUN has been one of my favorite activities since my school days. Right when I enrolled in KIIT, KIITMUN was something that got me excited and energized. It has been a long journey from delegating in KIITMUN to organizing it. I genuinely hope each and every participant this year will have an incredible and enriching learning experience."

Surarchi Kumar

Deputy Director General

+91 8260010846

"There are a couple of things in life that are an essential piece of me. KIITMUN is one of those things. Right from my freshman year until my senior year, KIITMUN has assisted me with developing personally and made me a superior version of myself."

Om Chaitanya

Chargé D'affaires

+91 9955818809

" KIITMUN is one of the largest MUN conferences in Asia. It began in the year 2013 and has been developing from that point onward. This conference has exclusively propelled endless energetic and youthful personalities and I truly wish that in this edition we will be able to reach out to more youngsters and make the experience a far more significant one. "

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