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KIIT International Model United Nations is one of the largest simulations of the United Nations across the globe, coordinated by KIIT University.Founded since 2013, the event has attained a higher benchmark with every edition. KIIT International MUN 2016, being the largest MUN hosted across the globe with around 2500 delegates engaging themselves. Apart from renowned institutions and Indian organisations assisting, various countries from all corners of the globe are participating in various fields.
It's a fantastic opportunity to mingle with delegates from all walks of life while learning the intricacies of diplomacy and governance from a carefully selected group of Executive Board Members who are simply the best. The three-day event features lively conversations and extensive research, as well as something to look forward to at the end of each day.
With cultural shows, stand-up comedy and networking dinner- KIIT International MUN not only stresses upon peace and promotes diplomacy but also holds up to an individual’s perception towards socialization.
The epidemic has undoubtedly altered the definition of adaptation. In Spite of the worst circumstances of a sudden flip from the offline ongoing interactive sessions to an online mode within just a couple of days had been a challenging task. However the KIIT International MUN had successfully pushed its limits, thus emerging with the e-MUN. During the pandemic, KIIT e-MUN had collaborated with many organizations like Médecins Sans Frontières, CURE International, Heidelberg Model United Nations(HDMUN) and many other prestigious organizations. Surely, the world will recover from such adversity. Stay safe till then, and enjoy the conference from the security of your own homes.

Message from

Respected Faculty members, delegates, and my Secretariat,

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” It is a moment of immense glory for me to invite you to the annual KIIT International Model United Nations Conference, on behalf of the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, respected faculty members, and my secretariat. This year KIIT International MUN will be virtual and will be convened from 17th December to 19th of December.
Our lives have seen a drastic change due to the Covid-19 pandemic and I understand how important it is to hold our spirits high, with this idealogy my secretariat has committed to the glory of the KIIT Model United Nations. In these reprimand times, I admire your adherence to the e-Model United Nations conference. Your unwavering commitment to international cooperation is essential for tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and can help us to motivate thousands of people to excel in their life.
The United Nations is undertaking wide-ranging strategies to battle the pandemic impact calling for a global ceasefire and working to control the pandemic, saving lives, mitigating the socio-economic impacts, fighting the stigma of the disease, and recovering to a healthier life. We are strongly committed to providing complete support to all, guided by our shared values. The world needs your energy, and I draw great hope from seeing you mobilize to address the challenges of our time and to build a healthier, more equitable, and sustainable future for all.
Even virtually, I assure you that KIIT International Model United Nations will keep the flag high and legacy upright. We want all the delegates to have an experience of a lifetime, and learn values which they can uphold in their lives going ahead as future citizens.
I believe that a fresh start is a process, a journey that requires a plan, with this all the best for your new journeys ahead wishing a successful KIIT-e-MUN with all your support and good wishes.

Aniket Majumder
Secretary-General of KIIT International eMUN

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We Are Gearing Up For The Much Awaited Model United Nations
Just Like You Are.


The helm of the KIITMUN Secretariat, the base of the massive pyramid, the luminary with outstanding contribution in the operations of this entity.
Meet the Core Secretariat of KIIT International e-Mun 2021.

Aniket Majumder

Secretary General

+91 9163299764

" KIITMUN has taught me how to manage things seamlessly, being a part of KIITMUN Secretariat I have always found myself surrounded by confident and ambitious people who want to make a difference. "

Kshitij Chaubey

Deputy Secretary General

+91 7873252777

" Being the DSG of the conference this year has been an overwhelming feeling for me, I can promise that this can be a life changing experience for all the juniors out there because KIIT-e-MUN has definitely stored a lot of things for them this year! "

Nishita Sareen

Director General

+91 9955293052

" KIITMUN has been an integral part of my college life from delegating to organising the MUN, I have become a more confident version of myself. Being a part of KIITMUN for 4 years now, I understand how important it is for anyone to voice their opinions. "

Rishita Sarkar

Deputy Director General

+91 9874510903

" KIITMUN has been one of the most integral part of my College life. It has been a heck of a rollercoaster ride and an amazing journey. "

Aditya Kumar Sinha

Chargé D'affaires

+91 9304704657

" I have seen this conference growing and reaching so many young minds and I hope with this edition we can help out and make this experience a far memorable one for all the participants. "

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