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KIIT International Model United Nations is one of the largest simulations of United Nations across the globe, organized by KIIT University. Since its inception in 2013, the event has been setting the benchmark a little higher with every edition. KIIT International MUN 2016 was the largest MUN hosted in the world with a total participation of around 2,500 delegates. At KIIT International Model United Nations, we bring in participation from not just the renowned institutions and organizations of India, but also from countries that span every corner of the world. With 15 diverse committees and the International Press, KIIT International MUN aims to make the youth aware about various facets of international diplomacy as well as the proceedings of the United Nations by means of peaceful deliberations backed by substantial research. It serves as a great opportunity to socialize with delegates coming from different walks of life and learn the nuances of diplomacy and leadership from a meticulously curated array of Executive Board Members who are simply the best. Vigorous debates and tremendous research are what constitute the three-day event, along with something to look forward to at the end of each day. With cultural performances, stand-up comedy, and networking dinners- KIIT International MUN does not just stress on peace and promote diplomacy but also holds up the socialization aspect from an individual’s point of view.

Message from the
Secretary General

Respected members and delegates of the press, Ever since the commencement of KIIT International MUN in 2013, we have witnessed a gracious amount of students coming together for a prolonged battle of words to resolve the political, financial, climatic, military, nuclear and humanitarian issues faced in different countries. As we resolve these conflicted agendas, we learn, we grow and we visualize the reality of world and the sufferings of the people and flora-fauna. KIIT International MUN has now gained a lot of acknowledgement across the globe, and thus every year, the event is graced by delegates joining us from different respected universities and schools. And together we participate in this battle to make rightful decisions for the people of our country. Ever since I became a part of KIIT International MUN, I understood the issues and the tragedies experienced in reality by many countries and on the other hand, I began to learn about the countries which have resources and are readily agreeing to back the less affiliated ones. Our countries are bounded by a set of some policies and convictions, backed by various factors, and the delegates have to resolve the issues for their countries by keeping the them in mind. Instead of deteriorating our countries by making irrational decisions, or following the path of the previous leaders, we come together to make resolutions to make a better world for the people, by learning from our mistakes. With the perpetual support from our Honourable Founder Sir, the coordinating faculty, partners and sponsors. I, the Secretary General of KIIT International MUN 2019, along with my team of Secretariat, bring to you the KIIT Model United Nations 2019, a platform for the member state representatives, the young journalists, photographers and the young decision makers to showcase their political knowledge, and to make some righteous decisions on the given agendas.

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We Are Gearing Up For The Much Awaited Model United Nations
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The KIITMUN Insignia

The helm of the KIITMUN Secretariat, the base of the massive pyramid, the luminary with outstanding contribution in the operations of this entity.
Meet the Core Secretariat of KIIT Model United Nation 2019.

Rohan Singh

Secretary General


Swapnil Tripathi

Deputy Secretary General


Shubhangi Mallik

Director General


Arkarup Biswas

Deputy Director General


Akshay Anand

Chargé D'affaires


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