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Two trains crossed the border between North and South Korea on May 17, 2007, for the first time in 56 years, in what was hailed by both countries as a key step toward reconciliation on the divided Korean Peninsula. It entered through the demilitarized zone, the world’s most heavily armed border, which is 4 kilometers, or 2.5 miles. At the same time, 240 kilometers to the east, a North Korean train trundled south down the coast. Although these were one-time test runs on two short stretches of railroad that were linked through the demilitarized zone several years ago, they were highly symbolic to Koreans.
No train had crossed the border since the last trains carrying refugees and wounded soldiers arrived in South Korea from the north during the Korean War in 1951. [Pic : North Korean train drivers (R and 2nd R) greet their counterparts from South Korea at Kumgangsan station, May 17, 2007.]

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