Q. I am a first timer. Can I participate?

A.There’s always a first time for everything. KIITMUN is a perfect start for your MUN journey.

Q. Am I eligible to participate?

A. If you are a student of any school or college around the world, you are eligible to participate. There are no age restrictions.

Q. When will I get my allotment mail?

A. You will get your allotment mail a few days after the Round of Registrations in which you applied, ends.

Q. When will I get my payment confirmation mail?

A. You will get your confirmation mail a few days after the last date of payment mentioned in your allotment mail.

Q. How do I know the agenda of my committee?

A. Agendas for committees are released on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Q. What is the payment procedure?

A. We accept online payment. You will be sent a payment link in your allotment mail.

Q. Do I have to make the payment to receive my allotment?

A. No, you have to pay after you receive your allotment.

Q. What meals are covered?

A. Lunch and dinner is covered for all participants. Breakfast is also provided to those staying in the accommodation.

Q. Will transportation be provided to the delegates staying at hotels?

A. Transport to and from the hotels to KIIT will be provided to the participants.

Q. Can a single delegate participate in a double delegate committee?

A. Yes, a single delegate can participate in a double delegate committee.

Q. Why didn’t I get my preferred allotment?

A. There’s a chance that your preferences may have already been allotted and hence we look for the best allotment as per your experience.

Q. Do you accept payment via Paytm?

A. Yes, we also accept payments via Paytm. Scan the QR code below and select ‘Fest Fees’ as the Institute’s Area, select your Type of Registration in New Registration, and then enter your name with the Mobile Number and Email with which you registered. You will then be forwarded to the payment page. Then take a screenshot of the payment receipt and send it to [email protected]

Paytm QR Code